Dennis E. Lew

IMG_0008 - Version 3Dennis Memorial Headshot

Contributing to the success of the IMA for many years, was our long time dear friend Dennis Lew. Dennis passed away on March 22, 2017 and will be dearly missed. Dennis was engaged in various interests and pursuits during his life. Below is a summary of Dennis’ interests and accomplishments:

  • Martial Artist –  Judo, Karate and his true love, Kung Fu. Dennis was one of the oldest U.S. students in the Shaolin martial art, Yau Kung Moon.
  • Aerospace Engineer – for North American Aviation – designed and tested munitions, and later worked in Telcom making demonstration and instructional films
  • Photographer – personal photos, wedding and event photos, photography teacher and coach
  • Movie Editor/Producer – “Watts Library Reaches Out”, “The Frisco Kid”,”The Jazz Singer”, “Taps”, “3 Men and a Baby”……
  • Fine Artist – excellent sketcher, drawer, painter…worked with charcoal, oils and watercolors.
  • Business Partner – commercial property management & general building repairs/maintenance … could fix almost anything.
  • Long Time Family Friend – part of the family since 1967, attended family gatherings, generally helped whenever needed, family projects, school projects for Dawn, shopping and around-the-house assistance for Barbara, was a “sitter” for Ray and later a caregiver.
  • Guitarist – owned and played several stringed instruments, including guitar, banjo and ukelele…..enjoyed classical, Bluegrass and Spanish music, performed at LAPL “mini-hoots”
  • Cat Lover – adopted “Bucky”, the law-office cat, when he got to be a “handful”, later adopted “Stagolee”, and even later adopted and tamed a colony of feral cats who he trapped and had neutered.
  • Videographer – weddings, bar mitzvahs, IMA Theater events – made over 30 videos for IMA
  • Sweet Potato Pie Baker – self taught, got so good that they were requested for Clark family potluck dinners.  Also fried a mean chicken.
  • Caregiver for several years – for his mother, Helen Lew, and for friend/partner, Ray G. Clark
  • IMA Board Member – helping guide the success of the IMA in recent years