Past Performances

View all the talented performers who have graced the Ray G. Clark Theater stage:


Performance Date Performer
Fathers, Daddies & Papas 23-Nov-19 Women’s Voices
They Still Walk Among Us 26-Oct-19 Barbara H. Clark
More Than Just A Game 27-Apr-19 Art Perkins
Oh, To Be Young Again! 16-Mar-19 Women’s Voices
All In The Family 1-Dec-18 Ann Buxie & Tina Tomiyama
Lord Knows I’m A Country Girl 3-Nov-18 Barbara H. Clark
The Sword Dance 14-Apr-18 Yvette Brandy
Why We Tell Stories 17-Mar-18 Women’s Voices
Reflections From Behind The Walls 18-Nov-17 Michael D. McCarty
Hot Pot and Other Savory Tales 21-Oct-17 Karen Golden
Was It Destiny? 23-Sep-17 Barbara H. Clark
Makin’ Lemonade! 20-May-17 Aprille
But I Like Birthday Cake 18-Mar-17 Women’s Voices
Taking Time To Remember 18-Feb-17 Laura Duncan
The Storyteller 12-Nov-16 Antonio Sacre
Finding Healing the Hard Way 16-Oct-16 Dr. Richard Palmquist
A Question of Color 17-Sep-16 Barbara H. Clark
The Tall Tale Man 21-May-16 Linda King Pruitt
Finding Healing the Hard Way 16-Apr-16 Dr. Richard Palmquist
From The Mexican Border 26-Mar-16 Olga Loya
Landing In Love 20-Feb-16 Aba Arthur
Chocolate and Other Family Values 23-Jan-16 Marilyn McPhie
High Five, Daddy 21-Nov-15 Antonio Sacre
Digging In The Dirt 26-Sep-15 Women’s Voices
Saltfish and Dumplings 2 27-Jun-15 Yvette Brandy
Still Shopping For God 30-May-15 Erica Lann-Clark
Tossed Salad 22-Mar-15 Katy Rydell & Robert S. Hilton
The Past is Always Present 28-Feb-15 Barbara H. Clark
Dueling for Dollars 24-Jan-15 Michael D. McCarty & Ellaraino
My Abuela’s Kitchen 22-Nov-14 Antonio Sacre
It Take’s Two 18-Oct-14 Jayon Anthony & Jon Kevin Jones
Kinfolk are Our Village 13-Sep-14 Women’s Voices
Drumbeats and Traveling Feet 12-Apr-14 Ina and Chazz
My Funny Valentine 15-Feb-14 Women’s Voices
Journey through Deep Dark Woods and the Painted Desert 16-Nov-13 Karen Rae Kraut
They Walk Among Us 26-Oct-13 Barbara H. Clark
School Days 21-Sep-13 Women’s Voices
Caribbean Gems 23-Jun-13 Yvette Brandy
Love from Jewish Kitchens 16-Mar-13 Karen Golden
From Slavery to Star Trek 24-Feb-13 Andreea Kindryd
Unsung Heroes: Legends of Los Angeles 19-Jan-13 Michael McCarty, Rebecca Martin, Barbara Wong and Yvette Brandy
Yes Mother! 1-Dec-12 Women’s Voices
Brief Enconters 27-Oct-12 Barbara H. Clark
Ties that Bind 16-Jun-12 Elaine Muray
Saltfish and Dumplings 19-May-12 Yvette Brandy
The Bicycle Rider – Looking at Life; Staying in Motion 17-Mar-12 Katy Rydell
An Afternoon of Stories and Music with Ellaraino 25-Feb-12 Ellaraino
The Voice 14-Jan-12 Bill Ratner
Tellers & Talkers 12-Nov-11 Ellaraino, Michael D. McCarty, Leslie Perry, Barbara H. Clark, Yvette Brandy
East Meets West 17-Sep-11 Barbara H. Clark & Roylene Walker
Likely Stories 6-Aug-11 Steven Henegar
Grandma’s Front Porch 23-Jul-11 Women’s Voices
Tales of Fathers and Freedom 18-Jun-11 Michael D. McCarty
Reflections 12-Mar-11 Women’s Voices
Mama’s Lessons 29-Jan-11 Barbara H. Clark
The Story Man 30-Oct-10 Barbara H. Clark, Helen Brown, Barbara Murray-White, Michael D. McCarty