Women’s Voices

Women's Voices logo 2Group

Women’s Voices – front row (left to right): Helen Brown, Margaret Davis, Barbara Hunter, Elizabeth McClodden, Roylene Walker

 back row (left to right): Laura Duncan, Beverly Morgan, Barbara White, Barbara Fleming, Carrie Tyler

; not shown: Ann Buxie, Johna Madigan

In 2011 Barbara H. Clark launched an ensemble of storytellers called “Women’s Voices” which operate from the Institute of Musical Arts. This ensemble is an extension of her work to celebrate the varied roles of women in our history and society.


Women’s Voices has been one of the most popular group of storytelling performers offered by the IMA, presenting sold out performances like “Digging In The Dirt”, “Back Home”, “Kinfolk are Our Village”, “My Funny Valentine”, “Yes, Mother!”, “Grandma’s Front Porch”, “But I Like Birthday Cake”, “Why We Tell Stories”, “Oh, To Be Young Again!” and “Fathers, Daddies & Papas”. The group consists of the following talented women: Helen Brown, Margaret Davis, Barbara Hunter, Elizabeth McClodden, Roylene Walker

, Laura Duncan, Beverly Morgan, Barbara White, Carrie Tyler

, Marion Hinton, Ann Buxie and Johna Madigan.

On Saturday, March 14, 2020 at 2:00 p.m., the Institute of Musical Arts welcomes back the twelfth installment of our WOMEN’S VOICES 
 Storytelling Concert Series, with their performance, “Is That My Job?”.

Did you ever have to hire a teenager? Not fun, huh. Do you remember your own first job? Was that fun? Well a Youth Center decides to start a mentor program to prepare teen girls for the workplace. The coordinator interviews four retired women to become volunteer mentors. In discussing their varied experiences, the five women share unique and hilarious stories from their own work histories. The show will feature Women’s Voices members: Johna Madigan, Margaret Mitchell, Beverly Morgan, Tina Tomiyama and Roylene Walker.

You can buy tickets online: https://isthatmyjob.eventbrite.com, or by visiting our website: http://www.imalosangeles.com. You may also pay by cash, check or credit card, at the IMA office, while supplies last. As is our custom at the Institute of Musical Arts, a catered reception will follow the performance.

Ours is a small, intimate theater and seating is limited, so please purchase your tickets in advance, or call the theater TWO HOURS before the performance to confirm ticket availability. Tickets for the performance are $20.00. For additional information call: (323) 300-6578.